Our last days in Norway were spent in Geiranger and Bergen. I didn’t get any pics of Bergen. We just had a quiet walking and exploring day and because it was a bit overcast the camera stayed in the bag. It is a beautiful town, full of little nooks and lanes as well as a great place to walk, eat and relax (and buy reindeer skin – if you’re me anyway)

Geiranger was probably our most favourite place of the whole trip – magical. It was another foggy morning when we docked but by the time we had got up out of the village and into the hills it cleared into the most beautiful day. We hiked up to Storseterfossen waterfall – it was a steep steep hike but great fun and well worth it. The views were magnificent. On the hike back down we stopped off at a little farm and got ice creams and drinks before descending the final few km’s to the village.

Leaving through the fjords was spectacular – none of the pictures can capture the scale of the waterfalls, hundreds of feet tall, plunging into the fjord, straight down the cliffs. One un-captured but magical moment was seeing a ice dam release at the head of an almost vertical glacier further up the fjord and vast quantities of water snow and ice cascading down like an enormous waterfall. Only to vanish minutes later.

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    1. Its absolutely stunning, we would love to travel around in a camper-van like you have as it would be a great way to see the country gently and slowly.

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