A late flurry of snow, snowman building. It was a strange day, weather wise. It snowed, hailed, blew gale force sleet sideways, and in between there were moments of delightful sunshine.

Madam was loving her new Therm jacket that arrived that morning (great timing!) Although I try to make a huge portion of madams clothes I have to admit some things are beyond my skills. Waterproof outwear falls into that category. Because we spend so much time outside its important to find jackets and pants that will stand up to the weather and more importantly multiple use and hard wear. If it comes from a NZ company like Therm that’s even more awesome.

This jacket is fabulous. The kids favourite things about it are the sparkly zip pull and the fact that when it gets wet a pretty pattern appears on the outer fabric. Pretty cool even if I do say so. I love that it is lined with soft fleece and there weren’t any complaints of being cold despite a long stint snowman building and snow angel making. It’s got a nice long back, reflective strips and the thumb hole cuffs that fit so comfortably into gloves and mittens.

By the afternoon it was time to relaxing on a beanbag and watch something on netflix!

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