A Winter Hike

A delightful walk through the beech woods and up into the hills. A perfect way to spend a Sunday. Fresh air and hot chocolate. Snow ball fights and marvelling at nature. After a stressful couple of weeks where we have all felt short tempered and buffeted by life, it was just what we needed to recharge and reconnect.

A hike we want to get back out and do again in the no to distant future. We ended up turning around when we got to a particularly wet spot where discretion was the better part of valour and we put dry feet above distance.

3 comments on “A Winter Hike

  1. nothing better than the woods to disconnect! it happens to me too, and even if we don’t have to take the car to go into the woods, most of times i feel like it’s an enormous effort. then when i’m there i feel so, so good…
    snow came late to you, didn’t it?

  2. What a beautiful hike, that last photo especially looks just stunning.

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