We flew in and out of LA pretty fast. Two nights. One full day.
I won’t lie and say that I loved it as a place. It’s interesting. A good place to people watch and the food is awesome. Every type of food you could want. We stayed right next to the Grove and The Farmers Market.

The California Science Centre was amazing. Easily somewhere you could spend a whole 8h day and still have places to go back and see. We popped in for half a day to see the exhibits and the space shuttle Endeavour. I wish we had time to visit the natural history museum and the art centre.

We used Über to get about. In complete honesty I was sceptical. Strangers picking us up? In their own cars, just using an ap. But hubby assured me it was safe (my primary concern) and easy to use. Actually I have to give this to him. Our drivers were delightful and it was incredibly easy to use and fast to. You want picking up from a random kids playground? In 3 minutes? No worries.

I guess I should also mention the flight over. There not a lot to say about 12 hour flights. They are long. Rather boring. Most notably I didn’t have a panic attack at any point and the kid slept for over 6 hours. We flew Air NZ as I know and trust them. Also I’m a nervous flyer and they have an impeccable record. The food was good. They didn’t both us once dinner was served (my pet hate is airlines that try and feed you every 3h throughout a flight … Seriously leave me alone I’m drugged and trying to sleep!) and served breakfast about an hour out of LA.

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  1. Your flight sounds about as painless as it could be and very exciting to be off adventuring. I’ve never heard of Uber, I have to say I think I’d have been a bit wary and sceptical, but what a wonderful thing if it works. Looking forward to reading more about your travels.

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