The Choose you Adventure Tee and Dress is the newest release from LittleKiwiCloset. It’s a really fabulous unisex (dont be fooled by the ‘dress’ part in the title – its just as perfect for an all boy family)

With winter coming, and our trip to Alaska, I made the hooded cowl, top length, long sleeved version with colour blocking on the back and pockets.

It came together fast even with all the options – I love a really good printing guide. I’m fairly new to sewig knit and this would be the most ‘complex’ pattern I’ve tried. And I didnt find it hard. It was actually a very enjoyable sew. Somehow Lydia has manage to make a really professional looking garmet while keeping the construction super straightforward and simple.

I used a winter weight jersey with a soft almost minky inner. ‘Snuggly’ as the kid calls it. But you could also use lighter t-shirting, or a knit merino (ooh that would be delightful). Basically as long as the fabric has stretch in it.

I have had lots of comments about the first top in this post and ended up making a second straight after! And there may well be a 3rd – and slightly different .. short rouched sleeves, cowl neck – on my sewing table.

There are so many options in the Choose your Own Adventure Tee and Dress it really is one to check out. Three neck lines, long and short sleeves of different types (short, rouched, bell, cuffed and plain) as well as colour blocking options for the front and back, pockets and dress length. There is also the cutest key hole back that some of the testers did which is just simply to die for!

If you still not 100% sure have a swing by the LKC FaceBook group and see what the testers did. There are so many options in one pattern its mind blowing. And Fabulous!

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  1. It looks great, I really like the fact that the neck doesn’t look too tight around the neck. You found some amazing knit fabric too.

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