A local Steam fair. Celebrating steam vehicles of all shapes and sizes. We only really go for the little mini trains which the kid adores.
The big train (full size steam train) is fun but the ear piercing whistle offends her.
She likes to run about and look at everything – the hugeness of the traction engines, how robust and eternal they look.

I marvel at them. 100 years old some of them. Where will be be in another 100 years. Thankful someone decided they were worth saving and treasuring.

user Homelife

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  1. Steam trains are amazing aren’t they. They are noisy too! We have a train line running along the bottom of our garden and there is often a steam train running by chugging its way uphill. I too am glad that they have been preserved they are an amazing and special part of our heritage aren’t they?

  2. a big treasure, totally… here we’ve some old trains here and there, just where once there was a railway, now reconverted in green ways to walk/run/ride.

  3. They are amazing, and yes, scary to think where we might be in 100 years, pretty scary to think where we are now in fact.

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