It was 26 degrees at 9 am yesterday. It turns out that anything above 25 degrees and I cease to function as a normal, rational human being. Let alone a good parent. Its just to hot. I got ratty. She got ratty. Nothing worked. We couldn’t find a rhythm or groove with which to roll through the day with.

Literally things we flew through the day before became huge sticking points. Simple tasks (like go wash your face) were tasks that required questions and triple explanations. My chocolate consumption quadrupled.

So, exciting and adventurous beings that we are, we went to the woods. Again. Literally for what I think was the 6th day running.
We really need to move to a place with more variety.

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  1. I understand the need for the woods, and like you have gone looking for solace in the woods many, many times 🙂

  2. nothing like staying in the woods to forget about the warm days outside! said that, we can change if you want it, we got some snow yesterday and our days are mostly inside 🙁

  3. Woods are good, but I think what you need is some water! Hot days like that need to be spent, at least in part, next to a river, or a lake, or an ocean if at all possible! X

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