We needed the rain, we really did. Everything was dry and parched and turning brown. So the rain was welcome.

Except that it lasted for three and a half days. Solidly.
Now, ten years ago, living in the UK, that probably wouldn’t have phased me. But after 7 years of living over here I’ve gone soft. I was wet and miserable. I lit the fire and we snuggled up and watched films.

These pics were actually taken on tuesday, the day the rain ended and we scrambled to get out of the house and into the fresh air after lunch. The temperature rose immediately and madams doll Jess came too. It felt like a combination of shiny and bright. The rain cleaned the dust of summer away and give everything a fresh feel.

There are little signs of autumn beginning to creep in (amongst the weeds). Acorns, the odd orange and yellow leaf. Peaches ripening. Garlic ready to be harvested. Zuccinis in the garden and peppers slowly growing on the plants.

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  1. Three and a half days? Unfortunately no sympathy from over here for that!!! Even in the Summer!!! Feels slightly strange to hear you have little signs of Autumn, we don’t feel anywhere near Spring here. Hope you’ve got plenty more sunshine still to come. And I’m sure the garden must have been so much happier for the rain.

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