I was thinking the other day how perception is everything. I look a beautiful blogs with seaside images, or mountains covered with snow. Home that burst with light or colour. Or both. Oasis of calm and tranquility. Or hives of creativity and activity.

I’m not really sure where this blog falls. I’m not sure if it has a ‘purpose’ as such. Or is more like me – it just kind of, is. I wonder what perception of our lives it creates.
Looking at the images from the weekend made me realise how much snaps shots of life are definitely not representitive of the fullness of life.

For example. Those awesome black and white shots above, with moody looking skies and a tall forests. It was actually a day out with friends. A sunny bright morning and the echo of chattering kids.

May be it is actually the most acurate representation of me that there could be. An ecclectic mix of the many things that make up our lives.

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  1. I sometimes wonder where my blog fits exactly too. So many blogs have such a clear identity and niche. I feel like mine is a mish mash! But then, perhaps that really doesn’t matter, maybe it’s more important to do our own thing than to try and fit into a particular category. I certainly like yours having your particular eclectic mix.

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