A day out to see the kids old pony doing his new job. Scurry racing. When I bought him years ago (literally madam was teeny weeny) he was unbroken. I backed him and for 3 plus years he was a little riding pony. He lunged with kids on and with my day dreams in mind I long lined him a fair bit as part of the over all process. For various reasons – predominately the kids disinterest in riding – we sold him 6 months ago. He has gone into harness and in front of a cart like a little pro. Seriously this pony is the bomb. Cutest. Pony. Ever.

The biggest shoutout in this post goes to the wonderful lady who now owns Q though. She took him and put a cart on him, taught him the ropes and has got him out and about. Given him a job and purpose (and paddock friend) and he’s so very happy. She is a true gem.

And the very best bit. The kid still rides whenever the fancy takes her and we get great days out. He’s great fun to drive too … I fear a new hobby is looming on the horizon

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  1. this reminded me of a gerda muller’s book called pivoine, i don’t know if it exists in english, it’s about a boy selling a donkey, quite sad but happy at the same time because he could watch him everytime he would like to.

  2. He is very cute, and you have now got the ‘Scurry with the fringe on top’ song going round my head – thanks for that!

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