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Dolls, playing and handwriting practicing. Brownie. Evening skies. Walking with daddy after his run. Trainline. iPad learning. Kea playing and eating. New gorillas at our local wildlife park. Meerkat!!

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    1. thank you
      its a great way to motivate them to write – nim loves dolls names, messages to friends, lists etc

  1. Such great photos again, the b & w gorilla one made me smile, I like his expression! Maria loves that kind of writing too – loads of labels, lists and notes, and doing a little menu for a pretend cafe or well done certificates for people or invitations to parties for her animals, I love seeing all her snippets of writing. Nim’s writing looks amazingly neat already, Sam’s at 14 (not far off 15) isn’t as neat as that!

    1. we are very lucky as she just seems to enjoy it – she has good and bad days with neatness – I figure I wont worry to much as yup – loves doing invites and lists – so cute.

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