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This week I have sewn a fair bit. Finishing madams quilt – finally!!! A skirt┬áthat was requested a while ago. 3 projects somewhere between cut out and nearly finished languish on my WIP pile. But I feel that they are going to be sewn this side of sooner rather than later. Flowers from the garden, even this late in the year. Ballet and dance imbue our every day in one way or another.
And the relationship madam has with our wonderful patient, kindly spaniel. I grew up with these dogs (although Working Cockers not Springers) and they truly are worth their – in his case not inconsiderable weight – in gold.
She tried every single hair band, accessory, clip and bobble on him, not to mention necklaces and bracelets. He lay there uncomplaining as she played for a full 45 mins. It’s possible he couldn’t escape as she saw fit to put the pony rope on him – but I think he stayed 99% of his own volition.

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  1. love the quilt, and the skirt, and the flowers ­čÖé
    oh, dogs and children… they’re so kind when they’re with children…

  2. Love the quilt! Those colours are just dreamy together, and I really like the idea of the stripe across. And is the skirt also patchwork? It’s very pretty. You must have one very happy little girl this week. Love the dog dressing up photos too! What an amazing dog he must be. The children occasionally try to dress up our cat here, but the cat normally manages to scarper pretty fast!

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