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Cold evening walks in the woods, her warm Pixie Hooded Coat doing its job. Her mama made doll came too. She made that chair at Kindy and is super proud (understandably) of it. From banging in nails, painting, glueing and stapling on fabric – not to mention sewing they helped her through every step – given her full design control. “Princess Nim” – was there ever a more appropriate label?! There was a dolly/teddy the party – everyone was invited and was allocated toys and shoes as well as cups and food. After that there as mad bed jumping.




I made her some super simple trousers too – fleece from Lincraft (less than a metre to make them!) and some funky side pockets – sort of cargo style. Easiest sew up ever. Madam approves so there may be more in our future.

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  1. It looks like a very happy week. What a great chair, I’m not surprised she’s so proud of it. And I like the look of those trousers – did you use a pattern or just wing it?

    1. thank you 🙂 Its got pride of place in her room! I used the basics behind the “Sleepy Jeans’ byt Brownie Goose at it was the trouser pattern that I had hanging about under my sofa (yes, that is indeed where I store patterns haha – stuffed under – covered in dust) I used the pattern for the crotch/basic shape and adjusted the length as I wanted.

  2. to make a chair’s such a good idea! I thought it was her dad who made it… they’re more capable to make things than we could even imagine!
    some bed jumping’s always funny, and with brand new trousers, better 🙂

    1. I was so impressed with how she managed it – and it was wonderful that her kindergarten used the whole process to teach patience and the idea of longer term objectives and goals. Bed jumping happens a lot at the moment – I think she need to go back to gymnastics lessons!

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