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I made up my second Lottie Skirt from Brownie Goose this week. Well, I finished the one I cut out about a month and a bit ago. What can I say, my work in progress pile is large and slow moving.

Its a lovely pattern – I think the pleated version is actually better looking on plainer fabrics that really show off and hold the pleats in. Madam is not 100% sold on it as she prefers elastic to buttons. I think my next till be to do a gathered version with an elasticated back. I love the fitted look but usability is where its at in this house.



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Its a versatile pattern though, great fit and easy to follow with multiple options and instructions. Its also pretty light on fabrics which is delightful as now madame is getting bigger things like dresses -particularly long sleeved ones – use a surprising amount of yardage. A skirt for under a yard, yes please.

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  1. You always use the cutest fabrics too! My girls would be exactly the same with the elastic waist, I wonder what age they’ll be before they despise them?

    1. thank you – its been in my stash for ages waiting for the right project. As for the waists – i think they’ll be loved until style comes before comfort – which may be a long time for my madam!

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