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This week has been a ‘good night’ to the garden week. I have dug over most of the beds – the capsicums are still in the ground (got about 4 left to harvest) and the parsnip bed. But the rest are guy and ready to receive generous quantities of manure and blood and bone.

There are also a few tree rounds (same again that’s not pictured) to be split ready for next winter too. Not a lot as its form the stump felled rather than a whole tree, but it should yield a couple of cubic metres once split up.

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    1. it was an unexpected bonus if I’m honest – id forgotten id planted potatoes!!

  1. It’s looking in a pretty good state for next Spring, and for a last meal from the garden, that does look delicious.

    1. I’m pleased with it – just need to add the nutrients and top it off with manure. And perhaps pop in a few winter veggies, Ive been very lax with them this year.

  2. there is something so gratifying about finishing the garden for the year. all the work and harvests from summer are behind and now it’s time for rest. enjoy that. and firewood! always an exciting topic around here, too.

    1. I concur completely – it feels very satisfying and cleansing somehow (also possibly relief?!)

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