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Her little baby, who she’s had since she was very little. Still a favourite. I’m not sure of its the sold limbs and head and the bean filled body. Or the size. Or the fact he can be dressed or undressed. But ‘stripy baby’ (in reference to his stripy onesie) has a firmly guarded place in madams heart. Perhaps its all those things combined? A trip to the swings, sandwiched between afternoon activities and a little cartoon time and her bath. 30 minutes of fresh air and physical activity that her little body needs. Hide and seek. “No peeking” she shouts as I count. “Give me a clue mama” as she searches for my crouched form behind a Japanese Orange Blossom bush and I watch her between the leaves.

We are squeezing every last moment of summer out of these days. The later afternoon sun. Dresses. Ballet flats. We are very excited for winter. Skiing, snow, frosty breath in morning air. But there will be no wasting these last warm moments. I will savour and appreciate every one.

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  1. wendie has a couple of little babies like her’s 🙂 i love her dress!!!
    take advantage of your last warm days, you’ll miss them… xx

    1. thank you – they do love their babies dont they? Its a great dress, lovely soft jersey – super comfy

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