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This past week we have had a few new activities. Sidewalk chalk has been an amazing hit in the sunny afternoons. A Tangram activity set. Her pony watches her. Double skirt crafting – the wool one is the VioletteFieldThreads Gemma pattern and the one still cut is the BrownieGoose Lottie which gave me some trouble sewing up. The pattern is awesome and the instructions are flawless. But pleats and a placket – that was a challenge for me. The finished article is wonderful though, and I have another cut and ready to go.

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  1. Those chalks look brilliant and chunky. Is the wool one the blue and white check in the first photos? The little glimpses you’re giving us look so professional. And I love the look of the fabric still cut too.

    1. Yup, a wool blend – quite light but hopefully warm for winter! Since she still hates trousers

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