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Akaroa. A little french town on the Banks Peninsular. About 90 mins from our home and yet a world away. Beach, sand, sea, boats and gellato. A perfect day out when its hitting 34 degrees and the suns out.
It’s so surreal seeing all the pictures of knee deep snow on other blogs as we are basking away in high summer temps. And wind. We have had a lot of wind – the veggies are suffering for it. But it’s been lovely heading out and having family adventures. Memories to be locked away for winter! 
Madam had a wonderful time on the beach, playing in the water and sand. It was to hot for a long stop but we managed a nice hour before the heat chased us into the shade and we retreated for lunch. After that we walked and wandered along the peer. Watched stingrays and sail boats. Madam was most unimpressed that Falbala (her GP’s yacht) wasn’t there and there was no dingy for mini adventures.
Pictures are a 50/50 split between hubby and I.
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  1. Oh goodness, your photos have me longing for a beach trip. It is -17C here this morning, and the world is white outside my door.

    1. wow, now that is chilly!! It was a lovely day trip – although the sun was fierce. I do love the beach, its definitely on of my ‘happy places’

  2. I didnt know there was a french part un your country…
    Your photos are Looking so beautiful with that colours! Happy weekend

    1. There are a few little places that were originally colonised by the french. Akaroa has particularly kept the history and culture. Probably mostly for tourist reasons!

  3. Yeah, yeah, the beach in france…who needs that when you have minus one FAHRENHEIT here in PENNSYLVANIA! (((banging head on desk))) And, I agree, wine doesn’t help quilting.

    1. lol we have been pretty lucky this summer – Its so odd seeing all the wintery blog posts when we are in summer! We will surely get the winter temps in a few months tho!

  4. Please refer to previous comments re how gorgeous your Summer is looking, especially when there’s any water in the shots! I’m off to turn our central heating on in disgust, I’m cold!

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