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This sunday madam and I decided to head to our local sunday market. Stopping ay my favourite shop while there. I recommend checking it out Marmalade Clothing and Curiosities . She’ll post out if you want but if you happen to be in Canterbury I thoroughly recommend popping in. Actually I recommend Oxford in general. There are lots of cute shops and cafes considering how small the town is and a lively sunday market. 

It was warm (mid 20’s) and madam had a great time in the parks and swings and playing with the kids of the market vendors. Its such a great vibe there, very chilled and relaxed. Great fresh produce too. So we stocked up on treats and bits we needed and after some wandering and a cupcake at madams favourite cafe Pink Sugar.

After all that we got sidetracked by the river on the way home … It often happens to us, any time of year. It was balmy and warm and the water was inviting (if your 4 anyway). For nearly 2 hours we paddled, played in the sand and chatted to a few other people who were all enjoying the afternoon. Also side note *LOVE Saltwater Sandals. They are the best ever.


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    1. its a lovely spot, it can be ever so quiet and tranquil or really alive and buzzing with kayaks, jet boats, paddle boards, bikes and picnickers. at this time of year its a nice in between of both!

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