This has been a great project for the year. I’ve really (for the most part) enjoyed a weekly picture. And discovering the different image types I can use to portray the character of my girl. There were weeks where it was really hard to find a picture, not just a picture of her per say, just a picture of anything at all! I find that my photography has an ebb and flow character and particularly in the saddle seasons life become fuller and more stressful and my photography gets but to the back of the pile. But thats ok, life’s like that!

I may keep going next year as a sort of challenge to myself, but I am also going to do my own monthly picture. Probably themed a little and simply titled according to month. Published on the 30 of each month (except Feb obviously – 28th for that month)

So should anyone fancy joining me – January’s word is ‘Recharge’ – which is exactly what this family needs after christmas and before the excitement of nana visiting in February!

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