Little Buddy







She’s over the moon as her pony is home. We all are really. It’s lovely that he gets to go away and be a ‘real’ horse, hang with the big boys and chill out. He loves his 2nd home. But boy do we love having him back. He completes this place.

If anyone os interested in livestock management on a small section just shout, I can always writ a bit on how we manage. But I don’t want to write something thats just boring!

4 comments on “Little Buddy

  1. Welcome home little pony 🙂 She looks in her element. Enjoy having him home.

  2. She really does look like she’s in her element, especially love her bare feet.

    • She is very relaxed around him (probably my fault!) and yeah – the bare feet. What can you do, I’m the same lol

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