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Yeah, I know. It’s a lot of pics of a pony. But seriously he’s cute. And a tiny bit broken at the moment, but we’ll gloss over that (and the subsequent vet bill). We headed up there to administer his bute and give him a brush – he’s staying with friends. Madam played with him, rode around, hopped on and off multiple times (seriously she was up and down like a flaming yoyo). She talked to him non-stop and it made my heart happy. The sun was warm and it was relaxing.
There was an elaborate game of ‘circuses’ at one point. He was a active participant. I’m not sure what his actual role was, she seemed to alternate between taxi to ‘get to the circus’, performing pony’ and gate attendant. It made my soul happy watching her, she was so content and it reminded me of myself throughout my childhood. The hours spent just ‘hanging out’ with the ponies. Riding made up a very small part of the days. 
She’s a really confident now and doesn’t have any worries. Yes we do usually wear a hat. 
In other news I’ve started to chopping up my scrappy fabric collection into charm squares – I’m wondering if anyone fancies a giveaway of all the squares/scraps that I don’t have use for? Its all designer fabrics, and the scraps vary in size from fat quarters (or slightly larger) to little pieces with specific designs on. 
I’m having a sewing room/craft space tidy and de-stuff in deference to springs arrival and did some of the house too today. 
A crafty based post tomorrow
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    1. He seems better today, just a little sore. We are very lucky to have him, he was a bit of a spur of the moment purchase (I was missing my big horse and wanted an ‘equine’ in my life. He’s turned out to be worth his weight in gold.

  1. You’re right, he is very cute. And how lovely that she’s getting to enjoy the same amazing experiences you enjoyed as a child.

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