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Yeah it’s another ski pic, not all that imaginative or particularly artistic. But it is a reflection of our winter weekend pursuits.

To Mirari and anyone else who fancies joining me, I will definitely be starting a 12 month themed pictorial (starting in January) instead of the 52 week project. I absolutely love this project but I’m just finding its not meshing well with my life and photographic opportunities. But I’m far to stubborn to give up now – I’ll finish it if it kills me.

6 comments on “36/52

  1. you’re having a great winter time!!!

  2. Looks like she is really getting the hang of it.

  3. Lovely to have a series of skiing photos and see her progression and enjoyment over time. A 12 month project sounds great, except I’d find it so hard to choose just one photo! You’ll have your perfect calendar at the end of it though.

    • thank you, she’s getting good frighteningly fast, she’ll be leaving me in her dust by next year! I’ll do a more detailed idea for the 12 months closer to christmas. I don’t think it will be to limited, as long as it stick to a basic rough theme. I tend to find some weeks I have loads of pics and cannot choose and other weeks i’m scratching about on my iphone for something even remotely usable!

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