I finished madams other hat (ok, second of three – I’m on a hat binge) This one is this pattern. The wool is a synthetic fuzzy sort of oddity, $1 a ball that I couldn’t resist. She loves it because its super soft. It was hard to crochet, the fuzzies sort of obscured the stitch visibility. I’d love to try the pattern again in different wool.

The park was a spur of the moment bonus after groceries and a wet grey morning. the sun appeared for us as we came out of the store. It was too much of a gift to miss.






It was fresh and chilly but a wonderfully welcome and refreshing 20 minutes. Madam nailed her climbing and the wind made her pink cheeked and smiley. On the drive home we shared cadburys choc fingers and satsumas. And listened to the Wombles songs – what felt like 100 times – it’s a longish drive.

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    1. Its a wonderful one – its just down the road from where we do groceries, it reminded me we should visit more when we are down that way.

  1. you’re having better weather than us 😉
    i love her photo with a big smile and wide open blue eyes in a blue-white sky decorate… xx

    1. I was lucky – she was in a mood to be happy photographed, some days she refuses!

    2. I’ve been eyeing this blanket since I bought the Up poster for my baby’s nursery. Our baby is due in just a few weeks (the first!) and this blanket would be such a great addition to the nursery. I think the grey border is really soothing- it’s my favorite.

    3. Naprawdę?A może Ci się tylko wydawało?Czułeś kiedyś,że nie możesz spać,że nie możesz jeść i w ogóle nic Ci nie jest do życia potrzebne tylko miłość?Jeśli nie,to nic o miłości nie wiesz.Tylko,ze czasem nie warto,bo Cię zniszczy.

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