A Pattern Mash-up






While Madam was happily playing with her buddies at preschool I had a bit of a play with some patterns. I used my favourites by BrownieGoose. The Nelle top and mash fit into a shortened Henrietta trouser. Added a inch to the waistband to allow for a casing. Lined bodice (to lazy to make bias tape). Gathered hems

Madam likes them as unlike traditional pantsuits the elastic neck/shoulder means she can get them on and off by herself. I have some fabric on order so I can see a couple more pairs in the future. Slightly taller waistbands and bodice length to accommodate her growing. 

It was a bit of a trial by error. I used the seam ripper a fair bit. I cut the pants un-mirrored – so had to trim them off and add the side panel. Its made the pant is a little snug on her rear. I also should have allowed a touch more for the folded up casing made from the bottom of the bodice, just to make them a little more roomy. But over all, a fun and successful mornings efforts. A little bit of creating that made me slow down, take a breath and enjoy the time spent.

I’ll try a tutorial next time, pics and everything!

6 comments on “A Pattern Mash-up

  1. That is one awesome little handmade, love it!

  2. Very cute, and really suits her. It looks like some tricky making too.

    • It wasnt quite the breeze that Id imagined, but once I start I’m to stubborn to give up!

  3. i specially loved the ruched top, so cute

    • thank you, its a really simple dress pattern but i love it as its easy and quick to sew and madam likes it as she can take it on and off herself – which is often a trouble in pant suits with buttons etc.

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