Its finished. My crochet blanket that started as a practice swatch and grew. Its not perfect, I learnt as I went along (thank you you tube!) but Its cute and fits Madams little doll perfectly. The scalloped edges are to squashed – next time I’ll skip a stitch in between them. But I like it, and so does little lady. I have a hat in the works which I’m hoping to have finished by the end of the weekend.

And then I’m thinking of new projects, I have a few ideas. This doll, or coasters . Or slippers. So many options.

6 comments on “Blanket

  1. Don’t you just love youtube for things like this, I have used it many times with knitting 🙂 The blanket turned out wonderfully. And now the fun of looking for the next project, enjoy!

    • YouTubes great isnt it! Thank you, cant wait to start a new project. Its rather addictive!

  2. it’s so great!!! that’s true that you can find almost everything in youtube, no need to go to a knitting class!

  3. It’s brilliant, and so many new things to make now open to you. Seems especially perfect as you’re heading into your Winter.

    • We are loving the snow and cold – madam keeps commenting that ‘Winter has arrived .. well done Santa’ So cute

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