I was ill this week Hubby had to take time from work. It knocked me out. Its come on the back of a cough madam and I cannot seem to shake. Nearly 4 weeks now. So over it. So saturday was a quieter day, a few jobs in town, gentle time curled up watching a film together. Sunday was a girl day as hubby made up the lost work day. We lucked out with the weather. Sun, market, bike, river. Restorative and healing.

We try hard to be healthy, eat real food. Take immune boosters and get our vitamins. Fresh air and exercise. But this illness has made us stop and think a little. The small ‘naughties’ that have crept in and the lbs that have crept on. This new week marks a conscious effort to drink more water, herb teas. Less gluten and dairy for us all. Today I made raw energy balls ok, not that exact recipe (I kind of just throw stuff into the TM). Hubby made chicken friend rice for dinner. I have this banana bread lined up for this week. Soups and stirfrys. 

Pics of the finished crochet blanket coming this week, and hopefully another finished hat. And Im hoping to sew a little, perhaps start that elusive quilt top I’ve been thinking of for months!

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    1. Thank you, feeling better now, just being very careful about eating. We are so lucky here, winter is (mostly) pretty beautiful – although we do get our share of wind and rain!

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