Through the Eyes of a Child







This is what you get when you give a child a camera (ok, there were a lot more, but i figured fuzzy feet pics could perhaps be overlooked) I love what she has picked out, seen, focused on (or not in some cases!). It was a a touch unnerving handing a decent camera over, but she was amazing, so careful. Listened so well. Thought about it.
Her little buddy who’s 6 months older took some even better shots – really focusing on little details and objects. But they are not mine to share

And this was her, enjoying the beautiful wintery sun but the pond




3 comments on “Through the Eyes of a Child

  1. It always such a joy to the world through my little man’s lens. I am amazed at what he sees and chooses to capture. Great shots from your little lady 🙂

  2. this girl’s good with a camera!!!
    wendie loves to take photos with my camera too!

  3. Beautiful photos, and beautiful Winter sunshine. Mine all love taking photos too, but I get some really random ones when I hand over the camera!

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