Brassica, beet and spinach bed – the spinach is not going great guns, no idea why its struggling so much. 



Courgettes and broccoli are still coming through – although the last 2 nights frosts might have done in the courgettes!

Below is the back garden which is in its winter/mid project/earth moving/weed mat needed/alterations slowly being made state. The middle back bed is up as we are suffering  from encroaching roots from the big tree behind it. Weed mat goes in this weekend and then lots and lots of manure on top, plus some pea straw and that will be left to mulch off till late winter. The bed not the right of that will have the same treatment. The 2 far left beds have been manured and topped with the soil from the dug out bed. You can just see the courgette plants out of the left and right beds. The long skinny bed on the right didn’t do well as a bean bed this year so will be a potato bed next summer. The bed with the brassicas will continue through winter and the be deep mulched and manured in late winter. The front left bed with all the new soil in will be the pepper bed.

We are also hoping to put up wind breaks on both front beds to protect those crops when the nor’wester comes through (its strong and very dry so really damages the crop)




Some flowers around the place, not many left but I love the fact some push on even in the cold and frosts. Sadly the nasturtiums were knocked out by the frosts this week so will be tidied up. 

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  1. even if winter is almost there, i can see your garden still grows!!! but i think courgettes wont survive the freezings…

    1. Yup, very definitely winter here now – and you were right – the courgettes didn’t make it through the frosts – luckily I picked what I could!

  2. Can’t believe how good it’s all looking and how productive, when you must be so close to Winter now. Very impressive.

    1. Thank you, Im trying hard to increase the length of time we harvest, I missed quite a few bits that I should have planted mid summer – it was odd, we got loads through spring and summer, then at the traditional ‘harvest season’ through autumn it all ran a bit dry! It gave me lots of ideas for next year I guess.

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