This Moment

Oh gosh, a whole week and no posts. Oops. 

Joining SouleMama ~ This Moment. A moment format his week that I want to pause, savour and remember


Im breaking the no words rule this week to slightly explain the unassuming picture. It was evening mist, flowing across the fields onto the road (and into our garden) It happens pretty often Рparticularly in early evening after a warm day as the temperature drops (rapidly). Its  beautiful but refuses my attempts to capture it on camera. This was as good as I could get.

6 comments on “This Moment

  1. it looks like a magic ray…

  2. Stunning! Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  3. It looks beautiful, the colours you’ve caught are lovely. We often get an early morning mist down the valley from us, it always looks incredibly magical in the flesh and I never manage to do it justice on camera, some things are best remembered in the mind’s eye!

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