While cooking supper we noticed a rainbow outside the house. My short lens couldn’t capture the full majesty but this is a snippet of what it looked like. So bright and beautiful. So strong and clean. With a reflected double above it.

She was so excited. Happy. Sharing her ‘find’ with me.

A couple of other finds this week
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – great film, a unexpected surprise. Go watch it.
Banana Bread – the way to start in the morning
I want to read this book by the lovely blogger Olive and Owl.
This blog post has helped motivated me to get back on the diet and exercise wagon.

8 comments on “Rainbow

  1. Wow! That is one amazing rainbow.

  2. Thanks for the link up! 🙂 and what an epic rainbow. Oh New Zealand.

  3. Wonderful rainbow! I always have trouble trying to capture a rainbow on camera.

  4. wow these rainbows are magnific!!!
    and thanks for the links, i’ll take a look!!! though i’m quite exceptic about the taste of banana bread…

  5. Love the photos,amazing rainbow,catch up soon lots of love

  6. That rainbow is epic!
    Hope you and Nim are well.

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