My autumn garden is looking a little ropey, but its still producing pretty well. Carrots, onions, spinach, beets, squash and courgettes are all coming into the kitchen every few days.

Newly planted spinach and kohl rabi plants, my slightly eaten brassicas in a  party dug over bed (they will get moved I think). The back gardens, a slightly more healthy selection of broccoli, cauliflower and kale. Onion bed – nearly finished now. Carrot bed with its courgette plant. Squash still coming through. My helper. Flowers and the Monarch butterfly who visited us.

A number of the beds have been turned over and are ready for fertiliser and mulch and setting a side for winter. So its looking kind of messy!

This weekend I’m hoping to get the resting beds properly sorted and covered and the back tidied up, poles sorted. Trampoline moved out onto the concrete. 

Over winter we will do more planning and getting some new new beds in. 

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  1. That doesn’t look too ropey to me, and lovely that you’re still getting so much produce from it. Still seems very strange that you’re coming to the end of your growing season as we’re just starting ours!

  2. Well since I am still dreaming about fresh food from the garden, this all looks just wonderful to me. Happy weekend!

    1. thank you, I have a love/hate relationship with the garden at this time of year. I love that its still producing but struggle to know when to call it a day and just tidy it up and let the plants go. Lots of lessons learned this year though which is good.

    1. I recommend them, they are a little more sensitive to grow (more prone to rot if over watered) but are delicious. Quite nutty but not strong or bitter.

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