Saturday morning dawned bright and clear and crisp so with hubby working; madam and I headed off to the woods for a nature walk and a chance to run off some steam. As always the bike came to. These woods are our ‘go to’ as they are our closest natural area. They are not large or flashy, just a small plantation at the end of our road. Its exactly that that makes them so perfect in so many ways. They also provide shelter from both wind and rain and are accessible in most weathers.

It was cool and damp in the woods to start. So many types of fungi to look at – but not photograph for some reason – who know why I totally failed to take any pictures – probably trying to stop madam from ‘trying’ any of them. Mushrooms in little clusters. Big red ‘elf house’ ones. Huge tree fungi. Tiny little white ones reaching up from the forest floor like fairy sized celery. Next time I will take a little stick fairy and take hilariously posed stick fairy pictures. May be.
A fantail followed us and chirped happily all the while and the sun pinged through the trees creating beautiful beams. Wood pigeons coo’d and the dog chased ‘stuff’ through the undergrowth. Predictably he caught nothing but a few burrs in his coat.

Once out we discovered the sun had broken through completely and it was warm. Thermal layer off. Racing the dog along the track. Watching a train shunt past us. The many faces that I get when I ask for a picture.

I am so lucky to get to hang out with this little person, she makes me laugh out loud so much.

When we got home the smelly messy dog got a bath and trim. He looks lopsided and silly now, but he smells so much better!

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    1. Im making one at the moment – slightly car crash victim looking fairy but she’ll do!

  1. autumn’s the best time of the year to walk in the woods… lovely blouse, and her fairy pose’s too much!!!

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