A Little Peak at Easter

I started writing a post about rain and wet and gardens and mud. Then I thought stop. I want colour and pretty and creative.

So here it is, a little peak at Easter


Untitled 4170060

P4170061Untitled 4170062


We are keeping everything crossed the rain stops and we can hold little ladies Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow. Little bunnies are waiting for new owners. Bags waiting to be filled.

Other things that have been happening


Untitled 4160045




Fluffies at the cafe. Warming fires. Homemade almond butter and raw choco energy balls from the Thermomix. Watching films. 

3 comments on “A Little Peak at Easter

  1. you made pretty bags for tomomrrow, i hope the rain to stop for you (fingers crossed!!!!!).

  2. Those bunnies are so cute, I love them. And the bags look great too. Fingers crossed for your weather.

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