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So we love fruit leather in this house, but damn its expensive. We favour Annie’s but it adds to much to the grocery bill to buy it weekly – particularly at the rate madam eats it. Hubby mentioned he’d seen a recipe that you can do without a dehydrator. So I googled. Then I did my own thing. I do that. I’m a culinary rebel.

Using the thermomix I blended what we had – strawberries and peaches from the garden and some slightly sad grapes from the back of the fridge. Does anyone else get that – sad fruit forgotten at the back of the fridge? Anyway, I digress. 

Blend fruits, I then used thelma to cook off the fruit for about 30 minutes (90oC reverse speed 4), I added a 1/4 teaspoon of citric acid as we were out of lemons and a teaspoon of maple syrup for balance.

Once cooked off and looking syrupy pour into lined trays and pop in a very very low oven (70 degrees C) for anywhere between 4-10 hours (mine took 10) Yeah it was a long time. Really long. Most of the online recipes say 4-6h but at that point mine were still goopy in the middle. Next time I do them I’ll just do them in the evening and leave them in overnight when our rate is lower.

They are yummy. Seriously as good as the bought thing. Next up, home made Nutella.

Oh and I made muffins too – for more immediate gratification 

Untitled 4030001

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  1. They look really good. I think I need to try these. Did you have them in the tray that thin or have you sort of cut ‘shavings’ off?

    1. I pour it in pretty thin – a couple of mm. It gets thinner as it dries.Then I tear it into strips
      Its a long process but very easy

  2. Homemade fruit leather is the best. We always make up big batches in the summer when fruits are in season, so good!

    1. Its my first time trying it – great to use the peaches off the tree and the abundance of strawberries.

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