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Our weekend was busy. Really busy. Great fun. Two parties, pony riding. Taking her pony at one of the parties (invited, we didn’t just crash the party with pony in tow). So much dancing, laughing and games. And sweeties.
Pancakes for breakfast. The ritual of making them with daddy. Eating them while chatting on FaceTime with nana. Nutella. Hot chocolates and coffees.

Fresh air. The woods were lovely, peaceful and calming. A fantail followed us for a few hundred meters. We found little clusters of tiny fairy mushrooms. Tiny mimi worlds where Madam is sure fairy’s and elves live. 

Ballet clothes, she lives in them. Hair ribbons, a necessary apparently.

We are tired, she slept with us last night. No preschool today, a walk to the bakery. Grocery shopping, a ride round the block. Calm and happy. Tired.

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  1. it’s not easy to sleep with children 😉
    we love to walk by the woods, as you say, it’s fresh air, a special smell in there…

    1. It’s so difficult too as the more tired she is the worse she sleeps, luckily a quieter week has restored the balance. I love the smell in woods too, particularly at this time of year, it smells so fresh.

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