To many photos, sorry.

Dog, mints and herbs, blueberry bushes, peppers (sweet banana). Carrots (paris market)  and beets (bulls blood). Peppers and cherry tomatoes (sweet 100). Cat (Binkie). More peppers (California bell). Tomatoes (copia, yellow pear, black Cherokee). Carrots (rainbow blend) courgette (gold rush) beets (choggia) Mostly hidden squash (pattypan). Insanely big pumpkin (no idea – seeds where a gift), onions, courgette plants in the background looking worse for wear. (costata romanesco, gold rush, black beauty). Winter brassica bed broccoli – (sprouting) cauliflower (little cloud) A single sad lonely kohl rabi – they didn’t do at all well this year.

The garden is doing well, still producing as much as we can eat. Sadly a epic fail this year for the majority of brassicas, we had a few cauliflowers but little else. I have seedlings coming in hopes of some late autumn revivals, kohl rabi, kale etc. The courgettes are slowing down a lot (need to plant a few more mid season next year for a more continuous supply). The squash is lovely – will do some proper summer and winter squash next year as we are loving eating it. Who knows what that pumpkin plant will produce – need to think about planting arrangements if that always get that big!

Strawberries still giving us lots (when madam doesn’t get there first). Tomatoes would have done better if I hadn’t mucked up their planting and staking.

Live and learn. This garden has given us huge amount of joy as well as produce this year. We enjoy it, it challenges us, but I think for the first time since we moved in 4 years ago we are actually in charge. We are running the garden its not running us!



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  1. I think what I love most about gardening, besides the connection to the food we eat, is the lessons I learn every gardening season. So much goes into growing our own food and I love gaining and growing my experience each year. Happy weekend.

    1. I know, its a wonderful learning cycle isn’t it. A brilliant way to be always learning.

  2. Looks brilliant. And I love the phrase you used – being in charge of your garden this year. That’s exactly what we need to try and achieve!

    1. thank you, its quite a relief, so much before was simply firefight against weeds/grass etc!

    1. Thank you. Yup, thats his day kennel. He tends to sleep in the garage in his crate, unless the gates are closed, then he can sleep out. its toasty warm as its all insulated.

  3. Aimee, I haven’t been here for so long, or anywhere much around the web. Your garden is looking so good! I relate to what you say about running the garden instead of it running you. It’s nice to feel like you’re in a good groove with it, isn’t? I’m craving soil under my nails. But today we woke to a scant inch of snow and bitter cold temps. Typical early spring weather, I know, but still… I’m ready to plant!
    Mail from us should be arriving any day! xo

    1. Hey 🙂 I love all your pics of the seedlings, and I’m using your tomato tips next year!
      Yay, we love happy mail!

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