I bought this book a few weeks ago and I have tentatively tried a couple of the patterns.





Nim calls the shirt her ‘tree top’ and although its super simple (looking at to make) its quite fetching when on. I followed the pattern and only put 3 closures in the top 1/3rd so it does need a singlet or skivvy under it. I made it when my machine was still at the shop so there is a fair bit of hand sewing on it. My poor fingers. It’s got a very basic rolled hem and neck using the overlocker. I adore the fabric, its just so pretty.

The blouse was today’s make. With a bit more of the tree fabric and some adorable chicken print. I have to say that I really like the pattern – my sewing leaves a bit to be desired (doing things in the wrong order, silly mistakes, overlocking teething issues) but I’m itching to do another (in the right order, with a hot chocolate to keep me focused, after sorting the overlocking!)

Both are sz4 but with no seam allowance added, the shirt is roomy but I’m not sure how the blouse will fit. I have read that the patterns are ‘generous’ to say the least.

Over all I really like the book, I’m not all that keen on ‘add your own seam allowance’ – hence the sz4 cut straight out. The patterns weren’t hard to sew, fairly logical and came together fast. I actually really love the picture guides – at least on these simpler patterns. They are deceptive. I found looking through the book they all seemed rather simple and perhaps a little dull, but sewn up I”m delighted with both. Can’t wait to make a couple of others. Blouse B is next O think – its already cut out ready to go.

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    1. Thank you, unfortunately the backgrounds differ a bit (cream/white) but I thought it probably looked ok. Now i’m sure it is after positive comments!

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