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A trip up the Gondola in the cool morning as the fog burned off the hills. The chair lift. Luge runs. Gosh that was chilly! A well earned hot chocolate. The view. With mama. The walk down – starting with a lovely well groomed forestry track. Which wound through trees and shrubs. And gnarly beech forest. Steeper and steeper. No pictures of the bottom 30 mins as it turned into a slip slide down through a forest while simultaneously holding tree branches to stay upright and your child’s hand to keep her from plummeting downwards. Over 90 mins of walking. 10 mins on dads shoulders in the first few minutes and the rest on her own two feet. Hugely proud parents. 

Aoraki Mt Cook on the way home. A welcome rest stop. Food. Blocks to play with. Running about.

It was a wonderful weekend. A slice of holiday. Beauty in all corners. Pause, breath, recharge. We are blessed with our girl who is a delight. Fun, cheeky, easy in almost all respects. We travel as a trio of explorers, drinking in the experiences and sights. Taking only pictures, leaving only footprints. Well. We try.

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  1. It looks breathtaking, the colour of that water is just gorgeous. And your little one walking that long is very impressive, Maria wouldn’t have lasted half that long!

    1. Thank you, the lake at Tekapo is amazing – the colour is so vivid due to glacial melt supplying the lake and the fine sediment it holds. Or so Ive been told. We were very proud, although it was a slightly do or die situation, we sure as hell weren’t going to walk back up – it was steep!

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