The garden is going great guns so I felt it deserved a post. Spinach and beet seedlings are in for autumn, as well as broccoli and cauliflower seedlings in the brassica bed. We are harvesting and eating peppers, courgettes, carrots, the tomatoes are redding up and the onion tops are fallen and drying out. The courgettes are suffering from a blossom rot type issue, 50% of the crop are ok, but every second fruit shrivels up and goes nasty before its big enough to pick. My cauliflowers are great and tasty but for some reason my broccoli plants are huge but with no florets on them. 

My winter carrots are looking stronger since I picked out and tidied the bed. There is a random squash plant in there too. And a squash in the ground behind. Its got lovely yellow space ship shaped fruits on it. There is also a pumpkin growing, YAY. Ive never grown pumpkin before!

Our peachcot tree has fruits on it and so does the Fuji apple on big lawn. The others haven’t fruited this year as they had a tough times last year with leaf curl and not thriving. They are better but I think it’ll be a year or so before they truly take off. There position is more exposed than the peachcot.

This week I’m planting winter crop seeds in our little mini planter and tidying the edge flower beds as they are weedy and messy. Music group. A coffee date. A haircut. Then we are off for a weekend down south. I’m meant to be running a 5km hill run. That will be ……… interesting. Given my current state of fitness – or lack thereof.

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    1. I think I’ll need it – the most i’ve done recently is 4km on the flat … and I walk a fair bit of that taking pics!

  1. Wow what garden! I can only hope mine turns out so well. I’m really hoping not to buy any produce this summer. Except going to the local orchard here.

    1. Thank you, its been a very steep learning curve, i’m not naturally ‘green fingered’ thankfully we are now seeing results for the hard graft (and multiple failures)
      Your veggie patch is looking great so far, spring is so exciting.

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