The river is our go to place for space and relaxation, take some noodles, throw some stones. Unwind. Laugh. After a busy week it was just what we needed today. Cheekily it was also on the way to Oxford where I needed to go to grab something. I love it when a plan comes together. Nim had a great time. We didn’t stay long, it was windy and quite cold. It was perfect though. Just what was needed.

The noodles – simple 3 min noodles in a soup thermos, add the hot water, seal up and open when ready to eat. Drain liquid and eat. Nomnomnom. Its not sophisticated but it works.

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  1. what a great river, it’s almost like going to the beach… it reminded me to a lake we use to go in spring.
    (i looked on amazon for that book vyour little adores but it’s just in english…)

    1. Thank you. Its lovely, there are a few little patches of sand that we use and it’s never to busy. Its much easier than a 45 min drive to the sea!
      Such a shame there no translation for your little girl 🙁

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