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In my week. Random shots from our life. Mundane normality and each is special in its own way.

Roses from my garden. Supper about to be cooked. Enthusiastic art. New shorts, made by mama РViolet Fields Threads ~ Daphne Knickers. Off Biking with daddy. Insane jumping about just for the joy of it ~ nana knitted top and Sleepy Jeans by Brownie Goose by me, in awesome bonkers fabric from Riley Blake. There is a lot of jumpy singy dancey goodness in our house at the moment. Her little voice lights up the afternoons, while her not so little feet stamp and clump and bounce like a herd of mini elephants charging through the house. Its delightful.

We have had a good week, busy. Full of life of all types. Swimming finished with a bang, unfortunately not a firework style bang, more ballon bursting style. She was over it. To cold, to much pressure to follow instruction. We bailed on the last lesson. Know when to quit huh? She’s done really well, now for a break to let her physical strength and ability catch up with her confidence and enthusiasm.

Ballet still gets mentioned multiple times a day – my response is that wonderfully¬†noncommittal¬†parental phrases ‘we’ll see honey, may be’. Yeah, I’m turning into my mum.

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    1. Thank you, some weeks there are no big events or beautiful light filled pictures, but the little things still make me smile and I feel that sharing that normal-ness is good. You made me feel happy about my decision!

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