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Today was a day of parts, a good start, a rocky mid morning. Lightened by a lovely walk after lunch in the forest. It a place that usually does that for us, revives and relaxes simultaneously. It feels wild and friendly at the same time. Our canine buddy keeps us company. She loves him. We pause to become distracted by twigs and logs, jumping and twirling.

My love of woodland I think I got from my mum. She loved the woods. We spent hours wandering when I was a child. Chatting, collecting kindling, building forts, playing hid and seek. Teddy bears picnics. Quintessential England. Perfection. Woods, river and bridges. Pooh sticks and toy boats. 

I hope that Moo and remember these moments like I do. Fleeting memories of hide and seek – complete with the memory of thinking that if I couldn’t see mama she couldn’t see me, despite the fact I was behind a 6inch wide sapling. A flash of colour behind my eyes that brings back a broken visual of a tiny island and camp fires. Sharing and apple and burning the core. Today I missed my mum.

In other news she still lets me wear her. BEST moment of the while day. LOVE how she chatters in my ear.


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  1. Sounds like some lovely time spent in the woods. It is one of our favourite places too. Great pic of the two of you.

  2. Thank you 🙂 I had my long lens on so it was a tenuous ‘hang the camera off a tree and use the timer’ selfie. Not my most flattering angle!

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