A few years ago this would be about my New Years. Now its about the New Year. My hope, goals and ambitions. A small aside into my word for the year. Pace. Learning to apply pace to life. The correct and appropriate pace.

And pictures, lot’s of those. Cos, you know; my writing is awful.





Our garden, a space for us all. Productive, calming, warming and motivating. I want to enjoy it more. Give more to it and take more out. Plans include some sort of seating, better veggie bed management, a few small ‘makeovers’ for little corners. And lots more time. But we will pace ourselves.





New Year, new things. Challenges that are uplifting and fun. That build self esteem and awareness. Love automatic belays. Pace activities to get the most from then. To feel our way though at the pace of each individual. To know when to quit and when to push.


Creating for my own enjoyment. Pacing myself to enjoy the process not just the result.

There are many other smaller bits that go into our new years plans. More exercise and healthy eating – we really want to wean off processed sugar, but that’s going to take time and determination. We want to try and eat in rhythm with the seasons and be more experimental in cooking. Branch out to preserving even. Perhaps get chickens (again).

Financially as ever we strive to be secure, less wasteful and forward thinking. We want to live well and plan ahead. Bucket lists and adventure that we can build the ground work on now. A USA road trip thats still a spec on the horizon. Places to be explored. People we love and care about to see.

I think that this coming year will be about family more than ever before, not just our little trio, but a larger family. People we care so very deeply about and want in our lives. We will make it happen.

Most of all we want to be more mindful, more aware of the moment we are living. And sharing it.

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