We had a nice weekend, relaxed time together with friends, lunch out and a new market we explored (I’m going back sans little person and WITH my camera!) These pictures are just a little excerpt from the weekend, captured on my trusty phone (must charge the LX3 tomorrow – phone is not cutting it)

IMG 5723IMG 5736

Untitled 5761

IMG 5770IMG 5725

This week I am focusing on being mindful, yeah, thats me using a self awareness term. I know, its like pigs are soaring over rainbows being chased by unicorns right now. But seriously, the principal has merit and I’m desperate to try and break away from feeling like each day/week/month is passing as if I’m simply a helpless passenger. I’m taking tiny little steps; slowly. 

And I figure living in the moment is better for raising Moo too. Being right there rather than lost in my own thoughts so much of the time. AndI want to enjoy the days and weeks, not feel like they are just flying by as the scenes do when your sitting in a speeding train.


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