We are home, back, settled. the unpacking is done and life is back into its usual routines and rhythms. I will break this up otherwise it will be photo overload. actually it will probably be photo overload anyway, but hey, I tried!


Our time away was spent in Fiji. With amazing family. Who were patient and dignified and fun (even in the face of a cross overwrought small person and some pretty impressive hollering). It was fantastic, we relaxed, enjoyed, explored and even got a little tanned. We stayed with them on the yacht after a very unexpected but very very appreciated treat of a couple of night in the local report. Tropical cabins, air con, ‘BULA’ in flowers on the bed – just like the travel brochures! 













And thats just the first 3 days! Lots of swimming, fire dancers, beach walks, more swimming, exploring the marina (Moo was completely in love with the dolphin on the bow of the big boat) A bar for mum and dad and Catherine and GP Mike with a swing and ‘pirate boat’ for her. Not to mention the friends she made.

It was so wonderful to share it with people who understand us, to see Moo loving her family, jumping right in where we left off earlier in the year. It makes my heart happy to see her relationships growing, the way she interacts and shares with others. Her adorable ‘I love you’ as she descends the cabin ladder, knowing full well any other talking would be swiftly shushed – but an ‘I love you’ – well that’s sacred.

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