For a few reasons Moose has been challenging us in the last week or so. I have really tried to make this week about quality time and focusing on her and better communication from both of us. Its been good, and we’ve had a lot of lovely moments together, slowing down, just enjoying.

Slowly I feel like we are moving away from being at logger heads and towards enjoying each others company.








It was a great way to reconnect and enjoy some time and the beautiful last dregs of autumn as winter pushes in on us, bringing the snow scented winds that bite at fingers and noses. The mountains looked sugar topped. While we hunker down away from rain and wind they are liberally coated with powdery snow. The water running down is icy cold, even the dog avoids paddling!

Feathers litter the ground form duck season, the only colour is the hardy gorse and the sky. Its beautiful and hard and tires Moose in minutes when she’s out in it. The river plain was inhospitable so we departed for the playground and then a fluffy at the bakery.

{This moment } – A Friday Ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savour and remember.


June 1, 2013 This Moment

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First up, a very over due photo drop, mostly from this week

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She has been challenging the past couple of day while hubby has been away. She always been spirited and strong in her own mind but I’ve had a lot of direct ignoring and ‘no’ ing to every request. I know its just age and development but its so frustrating as I know she’s usually helpful and want to co-operate. It’s also really hard as its so rare and unusual I find myself at a loss with how to deal with her. I hate to threaten meaningless actions such as ‘sit properly or i’ll take dolly away’ as I know shes simply to young to really understad what that means, but hell its hard to know how to respond, and ignoring it only gets me so far. We aim to be relaxed parents and allow her freedom to explore actions and consequences, but simply ignoring advice or defying safety instructions we draw a line at.

Some days I realise that parenting is more about how I behave and react than how my child is acting. It is about being consistent, fair and firm. Moose responds best to solid immovable boundaries,  and very little interference within them. Recently, in a ill-advised attempt to be ‘fun’ and ‘relaxed’ I have let some of those slip, become fluid. Now its kicking my ass. Strident but loving mama is back.

May 31, 2013 Homelife

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The last week has really slipped by with little time for blogging or instagram. We have all been well, just busy.

Our week

  • Swimming day lunch
  • Sunday Lunch at the Oaks of Darfield
  • A playgroup visit to the Antarctic Centre
  • Weekend play at the park
  • DSCF3014DSCF3003








    Pictures from the last week, snippets of our lives

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    May 18, 2013 Homelife

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    Playing along with Soulemama 

    {This moment } – A Friday Ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savour and remember.

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    May 17, 2013 This Moment

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    I don’t write about hubby much on these pages, he has his own place to put his words and thoughts (when he finishes building it) but sometimes he deserves a mention. Mostly he gets mentioned for his great pressie buying skills, or the fact Moose is a total daddy’s girl, or because he has bought/build/made/said/done something great.

    But this is dedicated to him and achieving.

    Seriously the man’s a machine when he sets his mind to a goal. Recently he has been running more, a date has been set for a full marathon (Auckland in Nov). In the past 18 months he’s lost 25kg plus change, gone from not being able to run 3km without nearly passing out to a slim fit happy individual. He runs for the love of it (previously he was not a runner at all) He is motivated and he achieves this dreams. It’s all based on bloody minded determination and a epic, almost mythical stubbornness. 

    But the thing is I want to achieve too, ok, not run marathons – thats his thing. But I’d like to get fitter, cook better, eat cleaner. I want Moose to grow up trying to achieve, knowing how to, having the determination to follow through even when it’s tough.

    So in that vein I am starting today, I will be more determined, I will push harder and I won’t take the easy route just because its easy. 

    He doesn’t and life looks funner because of it.


    And talking of achieving – Moose rode her pony all the way to preschool this morning. 2km, 30 mins and not a wobble. No saddle, with her bike helmet on. Loved every second. Thats my girl!

    Wonderful craft cafe, bliss



    Evening swing time with the family
    Mothers day
    Because, seriously, why do you need a dress?

    This was my 2nd mothers day without my mum, but my third as a mama. It is a magical day as for so long we really believed that we might not have a little one.

    I was spoilt, a beautiful handmade bag from Etsy. One hubby took so much time and love to find and order, and so sneakily too – well done! A card brought to me in bed with a cheery ‘happy moffers day mummy’ (sung to the tune of happy birthday). A card she picked herself, complete with badge (which she pilfered and carried about all day) and scrambled egg on toast with Moose.

    We went over to our favorite market after hubby did his run. Fresh veggies, handmade sausages in bread and music all combined to be wonderful. After buying what we needed we headed across the park to the playground and madam enjoyed the swings and seesaw (and stripped down as temps soared to 23 degrees)
    She wore her mama made dress with no complaints and charmed everyone. We watched her interactions and character in wonder; where did this amazing little person come from? I am so very lucky to be her mama. It was a beautiful feeling to be out and about with my family, to be enjoying the small bits of life that make up the patchwork that we treasure and memorise.

    At the market


    Having a boogie to the music






    Some mama time to look at beautiful things




    Family time, watching my pair enjoying a book while I cook up supper.


    I paused a few times to remember my mum too, in those moments that I was savouring as so special, it struck me that there where the moments that I would have shared, chattered about, and used as sparks to ignite memories and reminiscence of our own mothers days when I was the card giver, the cheeky little person demanding ‘one more swing’ or more cuddles.

    Playing along with Soulemama 

    {This moment } – A Friday Ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savour and remember.


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