Joining Soulemama in a moment I want to pause, savour and remember. A special moment.

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August 17, 2013 This Moment

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After a busy (wet) weekend we have tried to slow down this week. We are finding ourselves stuck in a cycle of toddlerisms, battles for control and the upper hand. Simple things are becoming tedious and hard. We need some time, some love and some strategies. 

In that quiet we found a lot of lovely moments 






I think Moo finds it hard as we try to make sure that she is allowed freedom to make decisions, steer herself as much as possible. To be herself. Unfortunately for me her current ‘self’ is strong willed, opinionated, loud and stubborn – the last one, seriously. She’s always been a great listener but suddenly I’m finding myself being ignored, polite requests are rebuffed and she’s mastered the bottom lip pout (which is adorably cute!). I find that as she ignores me I get frustrated and snappy and she then ignores my increasingly desperate and cross ministrations and it all goes south really fast!

This weeks highlights include having to leave a store with her screaming under my arm, and screeching her way round 1/3 of the grocers. While I know for some that’s pretty normal – for me they were both firsts and left me feeling out of my depth and blindsided. Suddenly weekly tasks we usually breeze though have become fraught.

And while I would really love to bring the smack-down (proverbially not literally) I know that for the most part the blame, or perhaps a better word is responsibility lies at my door and how I respond to her. 

This book will be entering our home, as recommended by Little Coffee Beans – thank you!

And we are slowing things down, taking time to enjoy the little things. Focus on affirming her good behaviour (of which there is a lot) and our communication. Hopefully remove the pressure that exacerbates the behaviour – from us both. 

August 15, 2013 Homelife

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We had a lovely weekend, hubby was able to ditch work (mostly) and despite rain on both days – yeah, really, torrential rain. Nasty.

Saturday we were going to local town but due to the weather we about turned and headed to the covered play areas of town – or McDonalds as its also called!

Untitled 8100043Untitled 8100041P8100093 Edit

Then we treated her to a cupcake (it was gone to fast to get on camera! Check out the remains around her mouth though. After we left the mall we headed to Mitre 10 and got bits for around the garden, earth, seeds, fertiliser and other random bits – not to mention a coffee and some sushi to eat!

Sunday we bundled into the car after hubby had a well earned lie in and drove over to Ashley Forest to watch the RallySprint that was happening. It rained. We had a good time anyway, loud cars, flying dirt and a toddler on my back eating sweets and ‘oohing’. We stopped by the river for a little play on the way home as my little lady stubbornly stayed awake for the entire journey home (its not a short one!) simply so as we crossed the gorge she could pipe up – in an extremely tired voice – ‘we go to the river, I love the river, its my favourite place’. So we did. She lasted about 10 minutes!

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In between the rain and adventures we had a lovely time at home as well, sewing, cooking and hanging out together. I made a play mat for Nims second cousins, and I made buttons for a new project – Its going to be a long slow one but should be good! Supper was veggie cheesy pasta. Yum.

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Tomorrow I will try and do a garden post. Which makes it sound as if theres a lot going on – there’s not so don’t get excited. I just want the chance to get the camera out and play with it. And speaking of cameras, now I’m enjoying the E-P5 gloriousness my photos will desist from being insta-snaps!


August 13, 2013 Little Adventures

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Joining Soulemama in a moment I want to pause, savour and remember. A special moment.

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August 9, 2013 This Moment

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This was going to be a weekending post, but since I have no weekend pics – literally zero, zilch I decided to make it a ‘things Ive done’ post instead.

Things I do that me me, well, me. Bits of my life that define me and how I live.

I love to cook, Im not sure I’m a great cook, serviceable for family meals may be. We are passionate about trying to make our foods wholesome, tasty and healthy. And budget friendly. We are not vegetarian but we do aim to be low gluten wherever possible. I have a Thermomix which I love. Its not a ‘solve all’ that many expect but it does exactly what it says it can do and within those boundaries its great. I’m particularly fond of its risotto making capabilities! 

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So yeah, I cook (and currently take bad Instagram pics as I’m still sans camera) In order you are looking at; Crockpot cooked chicken, the stock made from it, banana apricot cake, black bean brownies – which are madams current favourite sweet treat. 

Hubbies favourite healty treat – raw food date and coco balls

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When I’m not toddler wrangling I can be found in the garden and I also try to run at least twice a week – try being the most telling word in that sentence. Before you go away and go ‘wow she runs’ I will admit I’m no ‘runner’. I jog at best and its a slow huffy puffy affair where I look like Im working extremely hard while not really going anywhere. Low points include realising that the dog is trotting, really trotting – no panting or tongue lolling in sight, along side me, and being overtaking by a 60+ something OAP who politely encouraged me to ‘keep it up girlie, your doing great’ as he sailed past.

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The garden is a happy place for us all. We have a decent sized plot which keeps us (me) busy. We are extremely fortunate that we have enough grazing for our mini – supplemented by a little feed and occasional visits to friends for R and R. Since we moved in 3 years ago there have been loads of changes and hubby built 5 raised veggie beds out the back as well as 2 by the back door. We inherited a lot of ‘borders’ which I’m learning to fill in and look after in a low maintenance high colour way (its a steep learning curve that Im not on the top of yet!).

Some of our other garden projects include re-seeding areas of muddy/weedy grass, re-stoning by the sleep out and moving the path boundary. Not to mention relaying and edging the driveway.
I have firmly advised hubby that the edging (with washed river boulders) is his job!
This weekend we had a lovely morning at the local wildlife park on saturday (in between rain showers) and a quiet afternoon as hubby was working. On sunday Moo and I drove out to Oxford for the weekly market and a garage sale trail which was a great laugh. She behaved so well all morning, tripping form one garage sale to the next, looking for treasures. Our haul included a couple of wicker baskets, a bread board, tray and lovely table centre with hand embroidery.
I do love a good garage sale/bargain hunt. After mum died I realised that despite the best efforts of myself while I was there to see her (for a week with a high needs baby) and by my awesome uncle and his wife after her passing, many of the ‘treasures’ that made up her home had found new homes with other people, bypassing them and me completely.The family china and silverware included.

It doesn’t bother me in the sense of possession. It just saddens me that some of the ‘old’ and ‘loved’ bits and pieces I remember from her home have missed out on furnishing our cupboards and tables. So I’m trying to rectify that in the way my mum did for so much stuff. Little by little finding treasures for a bargain. Bits and pieces that remind me of my childhood. Not to mention finding our own new treasures and memories.

Oh and in other news …. we are going to be going to Fiji on holiday in September, YAY. Can’t wait!
Sorry bombshell to end on, more later 🙂

August 6, 2013 Homelife

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Joining Soulemama in a moment I want to pause, savour and remember. A special moment from this week.

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August 3, 2013 This Moment

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We had a lovely weekend. The weather was great, cool but sunny today and only a little overcast on Saturday. We got lots of garden and house chores done as well as collecting a little (or not so little!) keyboard we found 2nd hand for madam as she loves her music in all forms. Since the collection was miles away on the other side of the city (and next to the beach) we made a trip of it.

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It was great to get to the beach but so sad to find ourselves driving through areas of town that are still so damaged and disrupted from the earthquakes which feel so very long ago. Feb 2011 will always be remembered in Christchurch, individually by each person for different reasons. Personally it was the day my mum went to town on her holiday over here with us. The one day she went to the city. A day truthfully, given where she was when the shakes hit, she was lucky to come out of unscathed.

It is so sad that it is still effecting so many people on such basic levels. We are so blessed her to be living like it barely happened and all lasting effect for us is positive. So many are still in flux and uncertainty.

Sunday we headed to our local market (we are creatures of habit) and on way serendipitously saw the steam train coming through our little town, great fun! We got pictures and drove along side it for about 10 km as we made our way towards Oxford.

At the market we unexpectedly but delightfully met friends there so shared our morning with them, ending with a trip to the river for our usual r&r before bedtime. The girls threw stones into the water, paddles (brave considering the temperature of the glacial river) and watched jet boats zoom about.

This afternoon I got chores done outside and we went for a bike ride. Poor hubby is still confined to walking slowly or the sofa so had to stay at home, this IT band injury is so unfair! Moo did some great stone painting with him afterwards and we had a delicious stockpot cooked chicken for supper with veggies and potato poms. Moo took down an entire bowlful!


July 29, 2013 Homelife

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This week is another that has flown by. With me meaning to wrote long and wordy blog entries full of thought provoking insights on life and witty musings on life. Quite obviously this isn’t that post, it’s likely to be a dry photo predominant post with no wit to speak of and even less insight.

So this week has been good, we have had good enough weather for the most part (although still cold – I am done with winter thank you – feel free to skip the last month). Madam has been to a party, a couple of playdates (mum got to gossip and drink tea – win win) and has done huge amount of bouncing on the trampoline and riding.

We have had a couple of ‘terrible two’ bumps along the road, a few meltdowns (mostly from Moo, a couple from mumma) and many many reminders that you cannot hurry or push a child, they can only be guided, advised and encouraged. Some lessons are simply best learned the hard way. This weeks funniest was; when climbing onto a pony who is lying down, do so at the front by the mane, not over the ass, as when they stand up you need something to hold onto!

We have also been finding our calm spaces, the river is a big one, so peaceful, spacious and relaxing.

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She’d doing ever so well with her riding, Quinn is such a dude. She bounces along and shows such confidence. A lovely friend has lent us a old old but perfect felt pad for him so she’ll be riding in  saddle as soon as I get the girth sorted. She’s even got little stirrups too. I think that she’ll be like me, riding is one of her calm spaces too.

In other news I’m hoping my camera will be back soon – I am so over using my phone for all photos!


Joining Soulemama in a moment I want to pause, savour and remember

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July 26, 2013 This Moment

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Joining Soulemama in a special moment I want to pause, savour and remember


July 20, 2013 This Moment

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