We had amazing walk over the last weekend. Up in the hills we walked up the Bealy Spur track. Its a fairly gentle climb up through the forest to the hilly tussock and amazing views. The kid did great and romped ahead most of the way.

I feel so sad for so much of the world right now, it seems that where ever we look there is confusion, hurt and fear. We are so fortunate to have been able to choose to live where we do. Soon we head north for time with family and christmas. Feeling more and more like we are emerging from a bubble into a big wide scary world. It’s never felt like that before and I have to make a concious effort not to get swallowed by media hysteria or hyperbole.

It makes me realise how important each day is, and how we are the ones who control the largest majority of interactions in our lives. We choose to surrround ourselves with like minded people. People who understand, value and respect our decisions. Start at gress roots levels to make the place you are better, being the change we want to see.

November 10, 2016 Homelife

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Oh so serious
Her second gymnastisc competition and she got 3rd on the floor and 3rd on the beam. We are so proud of her, she takes it really seriously and works so hard. The strength and conditioning don’t come naturally to her and it makes the placings even sweeter to kow they are from her dedication and pure effort.

November 8, 2016 52 Project

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The entire production was amazing, the time and effort and work put in by every dancer, the backstage help and the tireless teacher who so enthusiastically believes in each and every one of them.
The kid had an absolute ball with the whole thing. Three performances over two weekends. The make-up, the rehearsals, the back stage excitement.

Her knees weren’t the highest or her toes the pointiest. She didn’t smile the biggest or wear the most makeup. But she was a star. Our star. Her honest, ernest face as she performed every well practiced movement. She didn’t forget a step, not even the changes made in the later stages of production.

Watching her go up there and perform under lights and over 300 people, in each of the three shows made me so incredibly proud. It’s not something I would have had the guts to do at 5 years old and it makes me so happy to know that she has the confidence and self-belief to go up and give it a try. Flanked on all sides by friends of course!

I do have issue with the makeup on young kids. I wonder if we are enforcing in their minds that they need makeup to be ‘pretty’. I know the practical logistics behind using it for the stage, but I wonder about the emotional and psychological impact at a young age.
How do I balance the stage logistics with my strongly held belief that no child, no person, needs make up to beautiful. That it doesn’t matter how floofy your skirt is or how much eye shadow you have on. You are beautiful and you are worthy.

November 8, 2016 Homelife

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Play at the Spring Fete.

October 28, 2016 52 Project

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A day out in the mountains, sunshine and fresh air and puddles to splash in. We played and had a nice walk up round the top of the rocks.

October 24, 2016 Homelife



Splish splash splosh
Enjoying some beautiful weather and free play

October 23, 2016 52 Project

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October 23, 2016 52 Project

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A chance to test a lovely new cardi from Little Kiwi’s Closet came up recently. I adore the designer and the patterns so couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to apply. The Koro Cardi (koro is Māori for grandfather) is a grandpa style cardi.

Very easy to sew up and a lovely relaxed fit it is perfect for our current spring weather and I can see it being a go to for pulling on as the temperature dips as the sun goes down or the wind picks up.

The pattern is, as expected, beautifully drafted and written and the instructions are clear and easy to follow. I actually made two cardi’s are I had a couple of different material types I wanted to try out. You will need knit for this, but anything with a bit of stretch works brilliantly. It will be amazing in winter in a fleece or brushed back jersey or in a delicious merino.

Its currently on sale so pop by and grab a copy of this pattern – it really make up a staple in the wardrobe. All seasons, all colours and an enormous size range form baby to tween! My daughters lived in hers since it came off the machine. It really is a simple sew, even for someone like me who is still a bit wary sewing with knits. And I got a love sense of achievement when I finished!

October 22, 2016 Crafting, Homelife, Sewing

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Modelling a new cardi I sewed up for her. Loving the sunshine and summery evening light. I love the spring yellos and greens and the auburn of her hair.

October 16, 2016 52 Project

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Sewing for my daughter is a big part of crafting for me. And anyone who has followed my blog will know that Big Little Patterns have been a staple for not only coats and vests but also trousers and hats and other accessories.

Big Little has changed! It has rebranded to become Twig and Tale.

The new look brand is full of the same great patterns, updated and remastered. Each pattern comes loaded with awesome features, more options and helpful additions like fully linked contents, easy to follow guides, added inspiration pictures, up-cycling guides and loads more.

To celebrate the new look and name Art Gallery Fabrics kindly sponsored some awesome sewing for this blog tour. Thank you Art Gallery!

There is an amazing group of ladies all sewing their favourite Twig and Tale patterns to celebrate. Check out the bottom of this post to see all the other contributors! Seriously there are some inspiring creations. I decided (with the kids help/instruction/dictator like demands) that a Pathfinder Vest was the best sew.

Vests get a LOT of use in this family. I used a wool outer quilted with batting and a beautifully soft and pretty Art Gallery lining fabric. Look at that beautiful cotton lining.

I even drafted a very basic peasant style top to go under the vest. The fabric was just so yummy! Its from Pat Bravo’s Heartland line, Liten Ditsy in Whisper.

I decided to make a home sewn, special Twig and Tale version of the ubiquitous ‘Kathmandu Vest’ that you see so much where I live. It needed to be warm, stylish, puffy and look really special. The vest itself was a cinch to sew. The great step by step instructions and easy to assemble pattern (using layers! go me!) meant I got the whole vest done in one evening.

I chose a synthetic batting and use basic horizontal lines to quilt it to the wool (please ignore the slightly wonky quilt lines) I think it would be even more luxurious if you used a wool or bamboo batting like those used for baby quilts.

The only slight snag I hit was pulling the front through the shoulders when turning it the right way round. It came through .. but I’m not sure I’d want to try it with a size much smaller than the 6 I made. At least, not with batting as thick as I used. I adore the dropped back that ensures not drafts and the hood which fits perfectly. The toggles weren’t the easiest to sew on and I backed them with small mother of pearl buttons to stabilise the lining side. I really adore how they look. Worth the extra effort.

This is not the first or only Pathfinder Vest I’ve sewn up from the pattern. We adore up-cycled blankets for coats, capes and vests etc. But for this tour I wanted to show that these patterns aren’t just for repurposing blankets and quirky clothing. They are also great for making a more mainstream look. This vest is home sewn and special, and has bundles of mumma love wrapped into its making, but fits in well in the playground when eveyone else is wearing Kathmandu or Country Road.

Link to the first blog tour annoucenment page: http://www.twigandtale.com/blogs/twig-and-tale-blog/blog-tour-announcement


What would a Blog Tour be without a giveaway!

Art Gallery Fabrics is kindly sponsoring 2 yards of Art Gallery fabric of your choice. To make the prize extra sweet, we are also adding a collection of 5 Twig + Tale patterns of your choice.

International entries are very welcome. Our bloggers come from every corner of the world to celebrate the global nature of Twig +Tale too.

Enter using the rafflecopter below.

(The winning entry will be checked to ensure all criteria are met).

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