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Madam had some lovely daddy daughter time this weekend. The Airforce Museum on Saturday morning. Big planes, lots of dark. She was brilliant. Afterwards we met at the local A&P show and enjoyed hot chips and watching the animals. 

Sunday we hit the woods for a bike ride, Daddy was armed with his camera – hence the overwhelming quantity of black and white shots. He shoots predominantly in B&W. 

It was so delightful to be out as a family, to be in front of rather than behind the lens. To watch them run ahead, racing each other, him jogging (slightly gingerly on his knee) and her on her bike. Confident. Laughing. Muddy. Afterwards we visited a new bakery in our little town. It was so busy but the eats were good.



  1. mirari says:

    he mades good photos too 😉
    what a great weekend you had

  2. Meryl says:

    I love these–he has a really great way of finding the light. That airplane shot is incredible!

    • aimee says:

      Thank you, he’s great. We used to do a lot more of professional stuff. Huge cameras, lots of lenses. Now we are happy snappers. Hubby just loves light and black and white. He doesn’t do much regularly but damn he can find light if its there!

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March 25, 2014 Little Adventures